A Surprising Kitchen Hack: Using a Garlic Press to Sweeten Your Porridge

Recently, I was looking for a way to add a natural sweetener to my morning porridge. Instead of using sugar, I wanted to try using dried dates. I usually chop them with a chef's knife, but the pieces were too tough for my little one to chew. Blending the dates worked well, but only when I had enough to make it worth the effort.

While searching through my kitchen drawer, I stumbled upon a simple IKEA garlic press and had an idea. I cut a few dates in half to make them a similar size to garlic cloves, then I mashed them one by one through the press. The process was quick and easy, and I ended up with a nice mashed mixture of dates.

The best part was that when I cooked the mashed dates with the porridge, they almost completely dissolved. This added a natural sweetness to the dish, and my little one had no trouble eating it.

Using a garlic press to mash the dates was a creative and clever solution. By making the dates easier to digest and helping them dissolve better in the porridge, I was able to enjoy a naturally sweetened breakfast. I look forward to exploring new ideas and recipes in the future.