Azure Global ❤️ Azure China

If you want to establish a cross-border connectivity between China and the rest of the world this could be quite tricky. In my post I have collected a few resources for Microsoft Azure that could be helpful.

Microsoft has deployed many Data Centers globally.

Most of them are interconnected and represent something that is often referred to as Azure Global. Public Cloud. Fiber Connections. Beautiful.

Now, some regions are exclusive for government or for certain geographies. US Government is one example. And Azure China is another one. They are both isolated from the rest, that is Azure Global.

There are certain scenarios like hosting a website in Azure and you would like to give access to users in China. We heard all about the great firewall that filters content that is considered dangerous or harmful. Also, trying to establish a connection via VPN without having done the legal / compliance homework will usually lead to interruptions, latency issues and slow connections.

The architecture for a cross-border connectivity is fairly complex and also requires some legal / compliance work. There is no shortcut.

Below you find a few useful resources that could be helpful when having to deal with cross-border connectivity.

Azure China Playbook
This playbook is for Azure customers and partners who are preparing to move workloads from Azure global to Azure China, and who need to understand the local regulations in China and differences in sovereign cloud infrastructure.
Azure China checklist
This list shows what you need to consider before moving your workloads to Azure China.
Architecture: Interconnect with China using Azure Virtual WAN and secure Hub
Learn how to interconnect with China using Azure Virtual WAN and a secured hub.
China content delivery with Azure CDN
Learn about using Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver content to China users.
Azure China performance and connectivity considerations
Performance considerations, network latency, and global connectivity for Azure China.
Azure China cross-border connectivity and interoperability
Learn about Cross-border connectivity and interoperability for Azure China. See diagrams that show IaaS and PaaS interoperability designs.
Service availability and roadmaps for Azure China
Learn about service availability and roadmaps for Azure China, such as Azure China CDN and Azure Stack.

Disclaimer: I work at Microsoft, but this blog represents just my personal opinion and knowledge. If you need help with this specific topic reach out to your Microsoft account manager.