A coffee break countdown timer that's actually nice

A great little tool that let's you manage coffee breaks for your audience during a lengthy presentation.

I'm in technical sales and part of that are presentations. Sometimes these presentations or workshops can be quite long and it's a good idea to introduce a break after every session that went for 45 minutes or longer.

To make everyone come back at the right time I used to look at my watch and let everyone in the room (or virtual room) know when to come back.

Today I bumped into the website called virtualbreak. This is a great little tool that let's you create a countdown timer and everyone can scan a QR code with their smartphone to keep an eye on the countdown - and on the time to return.

Image with schoolboard in the background. In front two apples. On the board you can see selectable interface items for different lengths of a break, i.e. 15 minutes "Coffee Break", 60 Minutes "Lunch Break", 45 Minutes "Lab Time". Alternatively, you can enter the exact end time for the break. Last but not least a "start break" button.
Screenshot: virtualbreak.org example countdown for a coffee break.